Silk Ties

While fashion trends evolve, the tie remains an essential element of male elegance. Emblematic of this tradition are handcrafted ties, especially those of Italian origin, which embody the legacy of classic tailoring.

The secret of these ties lies in their manufacturing by hand. Every step, from cutting to stitching, is taken care of by our skilled craftsmen, ensuring exceptional quality and finish. The tailor-made production of these ties involves several industry experts, from the cutter to the sewer, up to the hemmer, to guarantee an excellent product.

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A handcrafted tie, with its hand-made design and cut, represents a work of art. Attention is focused in particular on the tip of the tie, cut to obtain a perfect oblique fall. This meticulous process ensures superior fit and comfort.

Our handmade silk ties not only guarantee elegance, but also practicality. We only use the highest quality silk, which gives the ties a refined appearance, a unique softness to the touch and a measured shine, suitable for every occasion.

When it comes to price, our handcrafted ties stand out clearly from those of industrial production, reflecting the expertise and manual skill invested in each piece.

Men's silk ties are a fundamental accessory for a refined look, both in formal and more informal contexts. When choosing the right tie, it is essential to consider the purity and quality of the silk, which gives an image of simple elegance.

In our online shop, in addition to a variety of colors and unique patterns, you will find ties suitable for every circumstance. From classic blue for business meetings to black for gala events, from distinctive brown to vibrant red, each color has its meaning and its moment. A gray tie, for example, is a must-have for a professional and versatile look.

Discover our collection and choose the tie that best represents your style and personality.